ylon-a ® 

At the origin of the brand ylon-aquatic Théo-Patrick Fourcade (France), World Champion and two times World Recordman of the 100m speed apnea, member of the French teams (finswimming and apnea) then member of the Hong Kong team (finswimming and apnea), passionate about water sports.

"To have rubbed shoulders with the greatest of these sports in competitions around the world, to have experienced the special atmosphere that is created at each gathering of this tribe, I wanted to gather these athletes and their state of mind around a brand identity. My desire to share the same language, the same glide, the same pleasure, gave me the idea to create ylon-aquatic".

The purpose of ylon-aquatic is to spread the inspiration of water sports through its identity products and services. Since 2000, the ylon-aquatic brand has been present on international competitions. It is known and worn by insiders in over 40 countries.

ylon, means inspiration "a "quatic. Inspiration is the moment when man in action is in perfect harmony with the natural environment in which he evolves. In a sports performance, it is the moment when the athlete performs a perfect technical gesture with an ease, a flexibility and a power of the order of the extraordinary. The feeling of the athlete in the moment, this supernatural impulse, which allows him to have the control of his gesture, his body, his mind, this supreme consciousness of himself, is the second breath, it is the inspiration.

The brand ylon-a ® is a registered trademark.

Theo-Patrick FOURCADE - CEO and FOUNDER.